Our Objective

All the Companies under The Star Sapphire Group of Companies are incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to carry out the following business activities.

  1. To carry out exploration, exploitation and marketing of minerals.
  2. To carry out construction works and to import machinery, spare parts and other construction materials necessary for the construction activities.
  3. To carry out business of planting, producing, harvesting, preserving, packaging, milling and manufacturing of agricultural and farm products.
  4. To carry out felling, extracting (with the permission from the authorities concerned), milling, manufacturing, preserving and seasoning of timber (excluding teak) and forest products.
  5. To carry out the business of tourism and related services.
  6. To carry out consulting and liaising services for all kind of business and also providing services for consultancy in financial evaluation, book keeping and auditing.
  7. To carry out the trading business of import and export goods for retailing and distribution.

Group of Companies

Star Sapphire Co., Ltd.

This company is the parent company involved in various commercial enterprises in Republic of the Union of Myanmar.more»

Star Sapphire Trading Co., Ltd.

Importing and distributing commodities required in Republic of the Union of Myanmar.more»

Star Sapphire Phoenix Co., Ltd.

Carrying out tour business in Republic of the Union of Myanmar. To carry out the additional business activities, company name changed to Star Sapphire Phoenix Co., Ltd. in 2019. more»

Tha Byu Mining Co., Ltd.

Involving mainly in production and upgrading of Antimony ore from Tha Byu Area.more»

Star Sapphire Hotel Co., Ltd.

Building a three and a half storeyed Hotel on 3.899 Acres of land in Dawei City.more»

Contact Us

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