Star Sapphire Co., Ltd.

  1. Exploration, exploitation and marketing of minerals
    • Tin and Tungsten Exploration
    • The known tin and wolfram deposit in the Tanintharyi Division and elsewhere in Myanmar have been either worked out or depleted which led us to carry out exploration work in the unknown areas. Tanintharyi River Valley is such a place where no known tin and tungsten mine has been existed nor exploration works carried out. Our company, with the permission of the Ministry of Mines carried out exploration works in the valley and able to established two mineralizing areas with the potential of having 5000 tonnes of tin and tungsten mix ore concentrate.

    • Feldspar
    • During the exploration carried out on Thanintharyi River basin for tin and feldspar, two Feldspar veins with the following specification are found.

      SiO2 70.19%
      Al2O3 19.60%
      K2O 10.00%
      Loss 0.21%

      Being of commercial value, permission has been sought from Ministry of Mines for production.

  2. Construction Works
    • Allure Resort Hotel
    • Myanmar Allure Group Co., Ltd. has the permission from Myanmar Investment Commission to establish a 220 rooms international standard hotel at Tachileik, Eastern Shan State. For this Project, Star Sapphire Co., Ltd. has rendered its services for the construction of the hotel, providing engineers, local labourers and materials.

    • Residential Project
    • As the company has experiences and resources for construction business, the company is now involving in the development of Residential Project in Naypyitaw and Myanmar Archaeological Zone of Nyaung Oo.

  3. Agricultural and Farm Produce
    • Shwe Na Thar Project
    • Since 2007, under the supervision of the Division Command for the greening of Yangon Region, the Star Sapphire Co., Ltd. had participated its activities in the Shwe Na Thar special orchid zone in Htauk Kyunt Township, Yangon Division.

    • Sugar Plantation Project
    • A proposal has been set up for a new project for Sugar Cane Plantation and related industry in Upper Myanmar.

    • Rubber Plantation Project
    • The Star Sapphire Co., Ltd. was also granted 600 acres of land for rubber plantation in Tachileik Township, Eastern Shan State.