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Myanmar is an enchanting place and we ourselves are constantly amazed to discover yet new destinations and new things to explore in our country. May we take this opportunity to present the world the wild beauties of Eastern Shan State, the grandeur of Bagan, cultural heritage of Mandalay and the unique wonders of Inlay Lake and many more interesting places.

We grantee that it is not only memories of moment that you carried home, but also the warmth and gracious hospitality of Myanmar. We cordially welcome you and wish you the best and most pleasant tour you have ever experienced.

3 Days / 2 Nights Tours
  • SS: 001 Yangon City Tours
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon Sightseeing
    • Day:3 Free and Leisure, transfer to Airport
  • SS: 002 Yangon – Bago – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel, free and leisure
    • Day:2 Transfer to Bago and sightseeing, back to Yangon
    • Day:3 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport

4 Days / 3 Nights Tours
  • SS: 003 Yangon – Pyay – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Drive to Pyay and sightseeing, overnight at Pyay
    • Day:3 A-Kauk-Taung Pagodas and overnight at Pyay
    • Day:4 Return to Yangon and transfer to Airport

5 Days / 4 Nights Tours
  • SS: 004 Yangon – Kyaik Hti Yo – Bago – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon –Kyaik Hti Yo sightseeing
    • Day:3 Kyaik Hti Yo sightseeing and transfer to Bago
    • Day:4 Bago sightseeing and return to Yangon
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 005 Yangon – Kyaik Hti Yo – Maw La Myaing - Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Kyaik Hti Yo sightseeing
    • Day:3 Kyaik Hti Yo sightseeing and transfer to Maw La Myaing
    • Day:4 Maw La Myaing sightseeing and return to Yangon
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 006 Yangon – Mandalay –Pyin Oo Lwin - Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon –Mandalay, Mandalay sightseeing
    • Day:3 Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin , Pyin Oo Lwin sightseeing, return to Mandalay
    • Day:4 Mandalay – Yangon, Yangon sightseeing
    • Day:5 Free and leisure and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 007 Yangon – Mandalay – Mon Ywa – Mandalay – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Mandalay, sightseeing
    • Day:3 Mandalay – Sa gaing , sightseeing, Sagaing –MonYwa
    • Day:4 Mon Ywa sightseeing and return to Mandalay
    • Day:5 Mandalay – Yangon, sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 008 Yangon – Bagan – Popa – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Bagan , Bagan sightseeing
    • Day:3 Bagan – Popa , Popa sightseeing
    • Day:4 Bagan – Yangon, Free and leisure
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing, transfer to Airport
  • SS: 009 Yangon – Taunggyi – Inle Lake – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Taunggyi, sightseeing
    • Day:3 Taunggyi – Inle Lake sightseeing
    • Day:4 Inle Lake – Yangon , sightseeing
    • Day:5 Free and leisure, transfer to Airport
  • SS: 010 Yangon – Nga Pa Li Beach – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Nga Pa Li
    • Day:3 Free and leisure
    • Day:4 Nga Pa Li – Yangon, free and leisure
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 011 Yangon – Chaung Thar Beach – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Chaung Thar
    • Day:3 Free and leisure
    • Day:4 Chaung Thar - Yangon, free and leisure
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 012 Yangon – Ngwe Saung Beach – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Ngwe Saung
    • Day:3 Free and leisure
    • Day:4 Ngwe Saung - Yangon, free and leisure
    • Day:5 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport
  • SS: 013 Tachileik – Kyaing Tong – Mong La – Tachileik
    • Day:1 Cross Myanmar-Thai Border, transfer to Kyaing Tong
    • Day:2 Kyaing Tong Sightseeing
    • Day:3 Kyaing Tong – Mong La, Mong La Sightseeing
    • Day:4 Mong La – Kyaing Tong – Tachileik, Tachileik sightseeing
    • Day:5 Tachileik – Border Gate

*This above trip SS: 013 will be need special permit in advance.

6 Days / 5 Nights Tours
  • SS: 014 Yangon – Bagan – Mount Vietoria – Bagan – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Bagan, Sightseeing
    • Day:3 Bagan – Kan Pat Let, sightseeing
    • Day:4 trekking up to Mount Victoria
    • Day:5 Kan Pat Let – Bagan, sightseeing
    • Day:6 Bagan – Yangon, sightseeing and transfer to Airport

7 Days / 6 Nights Tours

*The following tour program will be need special permit in advance.

  • SS: 015 Yangon – Kyaing Tong – Mong La – Tachileik – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon – Kyaing Tong, sightseeing
    • Day:3 Kyaing Tong – Mong La, sightseeing
    • Day:4 Mong La – Kyaing Tong – Tachileik
    • Day:5 Tachileik sightseeing, (Golden Triangle Region)
    • Day:6 Tachileik – Yangon, sightseeing
    • Day:7 Free and leisure, transfer to Airport

8 Days / 7 Nights Tours
  • SS: 016 Yangon – Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin – Lashio – Muse – Yangon
    • Day:1 Transfer to Hotel
    • Day:2 Yangon –Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin, sightseeing
    • Day:3 Pyin Oo Lwin – Lashio – Muse
    • Day:4 Muse sightseeing
    • Day:5 Muse – Lashio sightseeing
    • Day:6 Lashio – Hsipaw sightseeing, than proceed to Mandalay
    • Day:7 Mandalay – Yangon, free and leisure
    • Day:8 Yangon sightseeing and transfer to Airport

Yangon, the capital city is the main gateway to Myanmar. Yangon was founded by king Alaungpaya on the site of a small village called Dagon when he conquered lower Myanmar in 1755. The name Yangon means, "End of Strife" which was anglicized to Rangoon. The present day Yangon covers over 350 sq. km and has a population of over 5 millions. Yangon International Airport is the main gateway and there are regular daily flights to Yangon from Bangkok and Singapore. The domestic airlines: Myanmar Airways, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay regularly connect Yangon to Mandalay, Bagan, Heho, Kyaing-Tong, Tachileik, Thandwe, Kaw-Thaung and to other tourist destinations.

Places of interest are:

  • The Shwe-Dagon Pagoda
    • The Sin-Gu Bell
    • The Elder Brother Pagoda (Naung-Daw-Gyi)
    • The Buddha Museum
    • The Myanmar traditional sculptures and arts along the four corridors to the pagoda platform.
  • The Marble Pagoda, which was carved out of a piece of 600 Ton marble stone.
  • The home of the white elephants.
  • The newly built Kandawgyi Garden and recreation center.
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) for souvenir hunters.
  • Well preserved colonial Buildings.


Mandalay, the last capital of the Myanmar Kings, is located in Central Myanmar, 668 km North of Yangon. It was built in 1857 by King Min-Don. Today, it is the second largest city boasting its rich cultural heritage. It is also the commercial center with rail, road, river and air links to all parts of the country. Mandalay International Airport is the gateway and there are regular flights to Chiang Mai in Thailand. Mandalay is only an hour's flight from Yangon. Myanmar Airways, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay operate daily flights. By land, it takes about 12 hours by Express coaches; and about 14 hours by train. Scenic view of Mandalay Hill and Moat.

Places of interest are:

  • Maha-Myat-Muni Pagoda brought over from Rakhine in 1784.
  • A-Tu-Ma-Shi (Incomparable) Monastery built in 1857.
  • Ku-Tho-Daw Pagoda built in 1868, where there is the world's Biggest Book in 729 marble slabs with the Buddha's teaching inscribed on them.
  • Shwe-Nan-Daw monastery, a magnificent building dating back to 1879.
  • Mandalay Hill 230 meter in elevation commands a panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside.
  • Mandalay Palace with its Brick Walls, Gates, and Moats.
  • Mandalay Museum, Zay-Gyo Market and silk weaving cottage industry.


Bagan is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar and located 680 km North of Yangon on the Eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Bagan is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia and covers an area of 42 sq. km containing over 2,000 well-preserved pagodas and temples of the 11th-13th century. There are daily flights between Yangon and Bagan, which take an hour and ten minutes.

Places of interest are:

  • Ananda temple built in 1090 is the masterpiece of the early style temple architecture.
  • Shwe-Zi-Gon Pagoda built in 1087 is the first monument built in the Myanmar style, the prototype for later pagodas.
  • Thart-Byin-Nyu Temple, over 66 meters is the highest pagoda on the Bagan plain, built in the middle of 12th century.
  • Dama-Yan-Gyi Temple Bagan's most massive was built in 1167. This temple is not finished yet, but it displayed the finest brickwork.
  • Shwe-Gu-Gyi Pagoda
  • Gaw-Daw-Palin Temple
  • Gubyauk-Gyi Pagoda
  • Bu-Paya Pagoda where the bulbous dome resembling the 'Bu' as gourd is a favorite spot for visitors to watch the sunset.
  • Archaeological Museum which has a collection of more than 2000 items including Buddha statues, stucco pieces, terra-cotta cups and pots, worth for visiting to escape from the heat of the Bagan sun or your curiosity will be drag away by the wonders of Bagan, that will spent for the whole day.


Over 1430 meters above sea level is the capital of Shan State. It is a hill station, cool and pleasant all the year round. The market, on every fifth day, is crowded with ethic minorities in their traditional dress. It is very convenient to drive by car to Heho airport which is only 38 km away. The daily domestic flights from Yangon to Heho take about an hour. The journey from Taunggyi down to Inly Lake is only 18 km long. The famous 16th century pagoda complex called Kakku, first seen by those outside of the region only in 1995 is 48 km East of Taunggyi.

Places of interest are:

  • Mya-Seinn-Taung Pagoda, Hpaya-Taung Pagoda and other Taunggyi hill pagodas can be reached by driving uphill. These are the places where one can enjoy the scenic view of Inlay Lake on a clear day.
  • The famous Su-La-Muni Pagoda at the edge of the town.
  • The Yark-Taw-Mu Statue in the Western hilltop covered with pine forest.
  • The famous Ma-Har-Muni Statue in the middle of town.
  • The colonial buildings around the town.

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong is the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region. It is only 170 km away and 3 hours drive from Tachileik. Around Kyaing Tong, you can study at first hand the traditional lifestyle of some of Myanmar's indigenous races, such as La-Hu, Li-Su, Ang and A-kha. You can go trekking around these villages. Local guide service is available. Overnight stay at villages of national groups is not allowed. Visitors are requested not to give any gift in cash or kind except anti-malarial medicine and the like.

Places of interest are:

  • Yark-Taw-Mu Buddha Image
  • The Naung-Tong Lake
  • One Tree Hill (Dipterocarpus)
  • Kyaing-Pong Spa


Tachileik, located in the Golden Triangle Area, is the border gateway opposite Mae-Sai in Thailand. It is accessible by air or by road; about 2 hours by air from Yangon to Tachileik.

Places of interest are:

  • Mahar-Myat-Muni Pagoda
  • The Shwe-Da-Gon Pagoda
  • Tar-Lot Market
  • The New Chinese Temple
  • The Two Dragons Monastery

Inle Lake

This vast picturesque lake, 900 meters above sea level, is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. The lake, 22 km long and 10 km across, has a population of 150,000 many of whom live on floating islands of vegetation. Inlay Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg rowing of the In-Thas, the native lake dwellers. The most convenient way is to fly from Yangon to He-Ho, which is the nearest airport to the lake. The floating plantation of vegetables and the floating market are the main activity and attractions.


This mystical pagoda stands on a gold gilded boulder, precariously perched on the edge of the hill over 1,100 meters above sea level. It is 11 km uphill climb for the hikers from Kin-Pun base camp and there is also a steep winding road for 4 WD car from the base of the Pagoda. The Pagoda can be reached through Kyaik-Hto town which is about 160 km away from Yangon.

Kanbawzathadi, Bago

Located only 80 km from Yangon, Bago was an ancient capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century.

Places of interest are:

  • Shwe-Maw-Daw Pagoda, 114 meters high which is the tallest Pagoda in Myanmar.
  • Shwe-Tha-Lyaung the reclining Buddha Image. (55 meters long)
  • Four Kyaik-Pun Buddha images each 28 meters high.
  • The The Han-Sar-Waddy Palace site (Kanbawza-Thardi Palace).
  • On the way back visit the Htauk-Kyant allied War cemetery, the graves of 27,000 allied soldiers who died in World War II.

Ngapali Beach

Located on the Ra-Khine Coast near Than-Dwe (Sandoway), Nga-Pa-Li is one of the beautiful beaches in Myanmar. This un-spoilt beach is 35 minutes flight from Yangon. There is a 18 hole Golf Course, located 15 minutes drive from the beach.

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5 Days / 4 Nights Tour to Golden Triangle
  • Day1: Transfer to Yangon Airport and flight to Tachileik
  • Day2: Pass the Border Gate and transfer to Thailand (Mai-Sai & Ching Rai)
  • Day3: Transfer to Ching San near the Thai – Myanmar and Laos Border Area and night stop in Tachileik
  • Day4: Transfer to Tachileik – Kyaing Tong and night stop
  • Day5: Sightseeing in Kyaing Tong and return back to Yangon


  • Hotel Accommodation (2 nights Allure Resort, one night ching Rai and one night Kyaing Tong).
  • Sightseeing by car
  • Air port transfer (Two ways transfer to Tachileik Airport and two ways Kyaing Tong Airport)
  • Guide Services
  • Border Pass (One time)
  • Air Ticket (Two ways)

The above tour programs are the entire local only. If you are the foreigner who wants to go above trip, you will need the Visa permit of Thailand Embassy in Myanmar.