Tha Byu Mining Co., Ltd.

  1. Exploration, exploitation and marketing of minerals
    • Antimony Mining
    • To carry out Antimony Mining from Tha Byu Area, Kayin State, The Byu Mining Co., Ltd. was incorporated under the law of Union of Myanmar. With the approval of the cabinet, Trade Council and Myanmar Investment Commission, a Product Sharing Agreement was signed with No. 3 Mining Enterprise, Ministry of Mines in December 2001 and Exploration and development works were duly carried out in January 2002.

      In May 2004, the company had started to produce Antimony Ore and by end December 2009 (3869) tones of High Grade and (5072) tones of Low Grade Antimony Ore are produced. The exploration results, carried out so far, are encouraging and indicate that this Antimony Ore deposit can become one of the major Antimony Mines in the South East Asia Region.